Jeep-Tour Big Baikal Adventure

14-27 of August, 2016


The program is developed for those who have never been to Baikal. You will be able to see all of its diverse nature, as we will visit a number of the most attractive places of the Lake, where we will have excursions to get introduced to the local rites, climb to the rocks and mountains, and learn how to survive in wild life. Our tour is conveniently divided into three parts, and you can visit each of them separately or all together.


You can book you trip here.

Ice trip ‘Baikal Freeride 2017’

 6 days-long, 500 km on the ice!Conquer the winter Baikal with the Baikal Travelers Team.Prior registration is now open.

See you in february 2017! 


Preregistration is alredy oppened  

Weekend tours  

You only have one day to visit the lake?Let’s go! 

A trip to Listvyanka village, Port Baikal and ethnography museum ‘Taltsy’. 

Siberain Nature, ancient lake, ocean of emotions and a flexible schedule.

Registration is  HERE

Winter Landscape of Olkhon

Jeep-tour on the islands of Maloe More. 

Ice grottos and caves. 

Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment on Ogoy Island. 

Khoboy Cape, veiled by the ancient legends.D

iscover the winter Baikal!

To Mamay!

What can be cooler than you and your snowboard on top of the mountain 

sliding down the soft and downy snow never touched by anyone before, 

and surrounded by amazing view? 

Join us to have one of the wildest descendings of your life, 

after which you can enjoy a warm house 

and the famous Russian sauna.


"Discovering nature discover yourself"

..On the 21st of March 2011 at 2 pm we were driving down the ices of Maloe More – the strait in Lake Baikal between the Olkhon Island and the western shore of Baikal. The head was full of thoughts about how long the drive will take, weather the ice which we will be driving upon for 200 km is strong enough… Of course I was worried, as this was the first ever expedition I organised. I must not forget anything.In a couple of hours, when I reached the open Baikal, the feelings were impossible to fight. The infinity of the sparkling ice lands and the brightness of the sun shining above this serene desert struck the imagination. We were close to our final destination – a small village on the coast. The frozen tundra and the peaks of the Baikal Mountains were coloured cloudy pink with snow sparkles by the last rays of the sun. It was impossible to move the eyes from this endless beauty. But there was no time to relax – we had to move into the houses and get ready for tomorrow’s climb to the peaks. Freeride was waiting… 

This was the first day of our first adventure, which later was named Baikalfreeride. 


Mikhail Yakhnenko. 

The organizer and mastermind of the Baikal Travelers project

Jeep-Tour Big Baikal Adventure
Jeep-Tour Big Baikal Adventure
1000 $
diverse nature, ancient lake and whole world in front of you. 

14 days/13 nights